My Kids Bank

A few months ago, I read a tweet recommending the following:

“Don’t give your kids an allowance.

Pay them interest instead.

I made a system that naturally instills the power of compounding and makes them understand money.”

Original Thread

We started using this idea and the worksheet to track our kids “bank” accounts.

Our kids loved it.

They’d wake up in the morning exclaiming that they “slept in so that their money could make extra money while they slept”!

I’d get home from work and they ask how much money their money had made, and I’d pull up the spreadsheet to show them the latest total and how much money they had made that day.

Recently I’ve been looking for some ways to more practically get my son interested in creating things.

Last weekend we decided to see if we could take the spreadsheet concept and build it into a simple app to make tracking easier.

After working on it all weekend, we had built a simple app that had all the features of the spreadsheet and was convenient and enjoyable to use.

We’ve sent it to some family and friends, and my son has been so excited to hear that other people are using his app.

We decided to put it in the apple and android app stores this past week for free download:



My son and I would love to hear if you download it and try it out!

Checkout the original twitter thread here

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