Developing WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins – For most people this is the bread and butter of their site. The theme provides the style, but except for the initial core features of WordPress, everything additional is done through plugins and extensions.

The Goal

The goal of this series of posts is to document my current practices as well as invite helpful suggestions and insights. I definitely am not a plugin expert, and this series of posts around WordPress plugins is just as much for my own benefit as anyone else’s, since I expect it to be a learning process. Continue reading “Developing WordPress Plugins”

Level Up Your Editor

Ahh, the text editor. One of the most prized developer possessions. And like any machine, you gotta look under the hood to see why no two are the same. We all have “our” theme, “our” packages, “our” snippets, etc.

One of the best ways I’ve improved my environment has been primarily by reading what other people appreciate and utilize in their workflow. I’d still like to improve my workflow, and have even been considering giving VS Code a test drive. So, keeping in line with my goal for the blog, here is my attempt to give back and share what I use.

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WP Engine: Post Launch Development

I recently ran into a situation when working with a site on WP Engine post going live. It was a bit of a struggle and I decided to come up with something better. I knew WP Engine had git push options, and had used them before, but that was only one of the pieces I needed for a more seamless workflow.

If you’re like me, you have a process for how you develop custom websites. It usually begins with your local development environment, version control of your code, and shared database for collaborative development etc…

However, that environment can tend to go quickly down the drain once a site goes live. You’re now at the mercy of the client-chosen hosting provider, never sure if your local or staging versions of the site are in true alignment with the live site, and every small edit from then on leaves a bad taste in your mouth on the site you put so much effort, organization, and passion into.

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